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OnyekaJaivbo-Ojigbo holds a Doctorate Degree in Strategic Education and School Management, Master of Business Administration, Diploma in Mass Communication and a Higher National Diploma in Administration. She is an Educational Consultant with Nemvas International Ltd., School Administrator for Nemvas Schools and a Life Coach with over 25 years work experience in both Public and Private Sector.

OUR MISSION : Your Kid's Success

AMA Abacus Franchise is considered as the one of the most effective and unique program which helps the entrepreneurs to build up a business related to education. AMA Abacus offers you the training related to business plan, technical backup etc. in the most effective way so that you can run your business in a very graceful way. We will provide you every single guideline which will help you to know all the basic knowledge of AMA Abacus Franchise. If you are interested in becoming part of this Franchise, then you are not required to have any specialized diploma or degree. The only thing which you need to run this Franchise in a most efficient way is confidence, dedication, and energetic. It is your responsibility to let the people of your area, get proper knowledge about the AMA Abacus Franchise.


AbacusD Maths Academy is among one of the fastest and leading developing company in the education sector providing education in Abacus Maths, Handwriting Improvement and VedicMaths Quick Calculation. This institution was established in the year 2009. The foremost goal of this institution is to provide the knowledge of Abacus Education in all parts of the planet. Ever since inception the company is increasing its Franchises in various places across the globe. These programs are supported scientifically and contains techniques that are helpful for the students for the continual improvement of their brain and overall success in academics. Abacus Education system also provides economical support for people. With the help of Abacus, a student can improve his or her concentration or memory and boost confidence. It helps the students in speed reading and speed writing. AMA Abacus offers a program that strategically work for the student’s ages 5 to 15 yearsand thus develop their skills. It also helps to provide a world class chain of Franchise to develop businesses for individuals.

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